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Why do you call your website “Benwhoski”?

It’s just a silly play on my actual last name of “Bencloski”, and a nod to my father who often referred to himself as “Ben Who Productions” on his own creative projects.

What do you use to make your artwork?

The most common traditional media I use are the following (brand names included where I have a preference):

  • Colored Pencils (Prismacolor)
  • Markers (Prismacolor, though recently I have been moving onto Faber-Castell’s Pigment Pens)
  • Scratchboard
  • Graphite
  • Watercolor
  • Ink

For digital artwork, I use the following:

  • OpenCanvas 4.5plus (used for most of my digital artwork)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • DeviantArt Muro
  • Wacom Pen-Abled Tablet-PC (used for most of my digital artwork)
  • Wacom Graphire 3 pen tablet

Where can I purchase your artwork?

  • My Etsy Shop: Original drawings, limited print runs, and miscellaneous crafts.
  • Zazzle: Print-On-Demand products of select artwork (poster prints, apparel, stickers)
  • deviantArt: More Print-On-Demand products.

I also occasionally sell artwork at fantasy and anime conventions. Any upcoming appearances will appear in the “Announcements” field on to the right.

Occasional eBay auctions, often for charity, of artwork will be announced as they occur.

Out of respect for the rightful intellectual property owners, I only sell “fan art” (artwork featuring characters or settings from other copyrighted and trademarked media) at fandom-related conventions in very limited quantities. My fan art is intended as an expression of my fondness for the entertainment I enjoy, not a for-profit endeavor.

May I use your artwork on my website/game/etc.

If you are interested in using my existing artwork for your own projects, please contact me at Sometimes I give permission, sometimes I don’t. Such requests are considered on a case-by case basis. Please do not use my work without permission. I will protect my copyright as needed.

Will you do free art/an art trade for me?

Not likely. It’s nothing personal. My professional and personal lives leave limited time for drawing, and that time is generally split between paid work and my own personal projects.