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It’s not as trendy as it once was…

… but I do miss blogging.

I was thinking back to the Golden Age of LiveJournal, when it was still a jumpin’ place to be. I posted nearly every day, whether I had anything to say or not. I participated in Blogathon every year, even though it inevitably led to sleep-deprived, incoherent entries lacking in any actual content.

I was writing just for the sake of writing things and having people read those things. I miss that.

That is why I am writing this to announce the creation of Blogwhoski! We put the “Blog” in “Benwhoski”, which originally put the “Who?” in “Bencloski”.

And what do I intend to blog about? Things, of course! Here are just a few of the things I may blog about (and just for Old Times’ Sake, I will be providing these things in BULLETED LIST form! God, I’ve missed that!)

  • Drawing things.
  • Photographing things.
  • Things I use to draw or photograph things.
  • Opinions about things.
  • Reviews of things.
  • Funny things.
  • Serious things.
  • Strange and mysterious things.
  • Occasionally, just to mix it up, I will blog about stuff.

Diversity! Variety! Things!

I haven’t completely ironed settled on some things, such as design (Though it works well for displaying my gallery images, I’m not loving the dark background with light text deal for blog posts) and how I intend to deal with comments (considering Disqus, or whether I can assume that anyone who wants to comment will just do so on the other outlets I will inevitably cross-post to. For now, I’m leaving the bare-bones WordPress comments enabled). Opinions on those things are very much welcome.

And now that I have my blog all set up and ready to go, what was I going to write about again?

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