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My Thoughts on the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision

Here’s why I don’t buy the Hobby Lobby decision as a victory for religious freedom: It only applies to birth control.

The claim that Plan B and Ella (and a slew of other arbitrarily-chosen contraceptive methods) are abortifacients is no more grounded in fact than the claim that vaccines are the cause of autism. The ruling only requires that the employers really, really believe that they are.

But the ruling makes clear that it doesn’t include refusing to cover vaccines, antidepressants, or blood transfusions for organizations whose owners disapprove of those things on religious grounds. It only applies to contraception.

“Religious freedom” is really an all or nothing concept. It doesn’t count as religious freedom if it’s only freedom for one flavor of religion.

With this decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has elevated one category of religion over others. Even aside from my general pro-choice views, that alone is not okay.

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